Review: Revolve 24

Hoping to inspire some of you for next year: here is my brief review of the day BY NINA Poynter

First of all Well Done Mags fundraising for St Marks, Excellent sum achieved!

Revolve took place at Brands Hatch, nice and local so many people cycled to and from the circuit.We took part in the 6 hour challenge – team of two, alongside 20 other TSC members.

 On to registration then with your team mate decide who is going out on the track first.  We had a timing chip wrist band that must be worn all times out on the track.

Some people opted for an hour each then swopped, or 4 laps each then swapped over there is no hard rule.  This proved right for us as by 4 laps you were looking forward to a little R & R,  the GP circuit proves to be quite hilly as we soon found out!  In my head I was a racing driver for the day, all be it on a push bike, the descents were worth the big push up druids.

It was a fun filled friendly day, with all the separate teams encouraging each other as a Sidcup riders peddled past the pit lane.  Let’s say the 6 hour challenge was just about right for us, it did get harder as the day went on but a few coffee and cake stops certainly got us through and kept the comradery up!!  No traffic to worry about and even a hint of sunshine!  So whatever your ability it would be an event you would enjoy.  Even a few cycling professionals were amongst the riders on the day Jason Kenny in a team of 4, doing the 24 hour relay! (That’s Mr Laura Trott)  you even got a beer at the finish.

Seriously I was doubting the event:- Hamster in a ball came to mind – peddling around a track.  Reality was totally different,  A few guys were doing the 24 soloist event so they were more than happy to chat to fellow rider’s to tell us what inspired them, so interesting to hear their story as another lap rolled past.

Oh did I mention our team got the fastest women’s place….um not quite sure how that happened! But hey we can milk this for at least a year!

Brilliant team work and Brilliant Event

Thanks all xx

Nina Poynter