Ride Rules & Etiquette 


Cycling on the public roads has some inherent danger attached, but as a club we want to support and encourage people to ride safely and enjoyably, respecting their fellow riders and other road users.

By following a few basic “rules of etiquette”, we can achieve this, so please read these guidelines carefully.

These fundamental rules are based on best practice and on the collective decades of cycling experience that the club has.


This is the single most important consideration for our club rides, and we ask you to take this very seriously:

• All riders take part in the club rides at their own risk.

• Committee and senior club members will be happy to offer general advice and guidance where necessary.

• As a member of Team Sidcup Cycles you must also be a member of either British Cycling or Cycling UK, this will give you the appropriate level of Third Party Insurance.

• Every member must wear a helmet – no helmet no ride.

• It is essential that your bike is in a safe and roadworthy condition, with for example, working brakes and correctly inflated tyres - if you are unsure Nigel or one of his trained mechanics in the shop can check your bike and advise accordingly.

• The appropriate lighting and high-visibility clothing should also be worn.

• All Riders Must carry at all times their Identity Cards and ensure that they are up to date

• Mudguards and lights at winter times

• Look over your right shoulder when overtaking or moving off your current line and inform others of your intention.

• Let Riders know if you’re about to overtake them by shouting “right”

• Do not wave through a following vehicle that is waiting to overtake – let the driver make the decision.

• Do not react to bad driving incidents with gestures or provoke retaliation.


We ask everyone, when riding on a Team Sidcup Cycles ride to have respect for their fellow riders
and other road-users:

• Ride leaders and their sweepers will help with mechanical issues, but we would ask all riders to be proficient in fixing basic problems such as punctures but help is at hand as we always work as a team.

• Always carry some spare inner tubes that are the correct size for your wheels, as the ride leaders will be unlikely to have a full set of spares

• Please follow and adhere to the highway-code at all times, including stopping at red-lights and riding no more than two-abreast.

• Please respect ALL other road users including drivers, pedestrians, runners,
dog- walkers and horse-riders. Where appropriate and safe to do so, allow drivers to get past you on narrow roads.

• Please get to the rides on time. We will have a short announcement before each ride
and then look to get going.

• When out riding in the club kit, remember that we all represent the reputation of the club and the shop.